Stylist Pull Agreement

Access to parts and accessories from other designers and boutiques can help complement a style, look or ambiance you`re looking for. Traditionally, stylists and photographers hired for shoots can help designers access these items by „pulling“ them from showrooms, other designers, and boutiques. But what if you`re just starting out and can`t afford to hire a stylist or photographer in the industry? The most important thing to remember is that a „pull letter“ is a legal document that describes the relationship between the owner and the borrower. The „Pull Letter“ should contain at least the specific key points that are discussed below, but as with any legal agreement, it is best to have it reviewed by a lawyer, as it is ultimately a legal document. A pull letter (or letter of Responsibility) is a legal document that describes, among other things, what the clothes you lend (or borrow) are used for, how long they are loaned and who will take responsibility if something happens to them. Rights and Credits – The reason you do this is because you can get a bit of visibility. But sometimes they may forget to indicate where they came from the objects. This agreement discusses how credit should be made during the published photo shoot. You must also ensure that you obtain the rights to use the images or film material for your online and social media advertisements. If you forget this step, they don`t have to give it to you. From the outside, there`s definitely the allure of glamour, but get close enough to a shoot and you`ll notice that a bit of chaos simmers under the collar of chills.

The larger the crew, the more likely it is that something will happen to your goods. You could be damaged, nickel-plated, represented in a way that does not agree with your brand or is not used at all. Make no mistake, this industry has its fair share of horror stories that range from outright absurdity or negligence. A gentleman`s agreement is not enough evidence to hold someone to account. But it`s a pull deal. If you need help styling your own photo shoot, check out our „Style My Line“ package and give yourself a tip. And don`t forget to download our free pull letter template if stylists are already knocking on your door. 🙂A stylist who wants to create an editorial with a designer`s pieces must launch his idea and make various legal promises to the designer.