Finders Fee Agreement For Investment Capital

Unfortunately, using the wrong type of finder or the wrong type of finder agreement could lead to disaster. The following is our agreement, taking into account the promises or actions of the other with respect to this finder`s Fee agreement. The advisor has introduced potential investors to the client and/or will present them to the client, in return for the client`s agreement, to pay consultant (or nominee) remuneration for these introductory services when an investment is made. The parties therefore agree on the following: 1) publicly traded venture capital investor. Listed venture capitalists, i.e. venture capital investors that I formally prepare for you and your organization. This can not only lead to the cancellation of the compensation agreement (as was almost the case here), but also to heavy sanctions imposed by the financial market authorities. Rich May`s investment management group regularly helps clients deal with these issues. If a discoverer is not licensed under U.S.

and government securities laws, a finder`s Agreement could be illegal and unenforceable. Apparently, a discoverer will expect him to be compensated for finding your money. An agreement between a company and a finder dealing with this remuneration (and other matters) is called a „Finder`s Agreement“. If you do not indicate that you are using an unauthorized broker as a discoverer, you can give investors the right to withdraw their investment. 5. Other.