Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement

The Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) is our funding agreement with the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN). NE LHIN is our main funder and this document generally covers a three-year funding period. Before providing funding for the provision of services to its local health system, the Local Health System System Integration Act of 2006 requires LHIN and HSP to enter into an agreement on abracity of services. Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) is a accountability agreement that provides responsibilities and performance expectations. M-ASA clarifies the responsibility of health care providers for service delivery and planning and integration in the development of the health system. It includes various contractual agreements between local health care providers (HSPs) and local health integration networks (NHS). Below are current MSAAs, timetables and amendment agreements with all COMMUNITY agencies that include funding capacity, current accountability and performance commitments specific to the Central East LHIN as of April 1, 2020. In this context, the HSP and the LHIN agree that the provision of local health services is funded by the HSP in accordance with this agreement. The ACCORD came into effect on April 1, 2019 until March 31, 2020.

Click on the link to download the agreement: Agreement the agreement on the responsibility of the service is a multi-year agreement. It supports the collaboration between the LHIN and the PHD to improve the health of Ontarians by improving access to quality health services, coordinating health care in local health systems, and effectively managing the health system at the local level. On April 1, 2007, the NLH took over responsibility for the planning, funding and integration of health services and, since then, interprofessional organizations (CSS, CFC, CMHA) and LHIN Multi-Sector Services Accountability Agreements (MSAAs) negotiated, which form the basis of a multi-year planning and funding framework for each organization. The M-SAA agreement can be accessed via this link to the NE LHIN website: Multi-sector service accounting agreements (M-SAAs) outline the responsibilities of communal health care providers and the Central LHIN. Select the organization you`re interested in to view the final accountability agreement.