Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Affiliate Definition

If users can be characterized as „within the company,“ you should confirm by anchoring whether users meet the criteria for „qualified user“ under ea „Registration,“ especially users who work from a „qualified device,“ and that this device is „used by or for the benefit of the connected business of registered companies“ [Ref: Microsoft Enterprise Enrollment Agreementment , February 2018] , microsoft allows the registered affiliate to define the perimeter of the „company“ when registering by allowing the registered affiliate to choose how its associates are treated. A registered affiliate may choose to exclude all affiliates, exclude a selected number or affiliate, or include all affiliates. To process new affiliates purchased after registration, the Registered Affiliate selects whether it wants to automatically register all future affiliates as part of EA. The basics of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements have often been discussed here, but to understand the topic of acquisitions after EA, it is useful to rethink the most basic bases of EA: within the framework of Microsoft EA, an organization is required to license a specific desktop set for all qualified users or company desktops. During the life of an EA, the Registered Affiliate must pay for a license for all new desktops or qualified users added to the business. For some companies, the increase in skilled users or desktop computers is simply due to the growth of the workforce. For business-level companies, however, there may be many increases in qualified users or desktop computers from business units or business acquisitions. For automatically registered affiliates, the registered affiliate is required to provide enterprise software to all qualified users or desktop computers, and these new licenses will then be included in the next annual True Up. If the new Affiliate changes the number of qualified users or desktops in an EA by more than 10%, or if it already has an existing enterprise agreement, Microsoft must work in good faith with the Registered Affiliate to determine how to accommodate these changed circumstances.

However, for registered affiliates who choose not to register automatically, new affiliates must be licensed under a separate registration or other licensing agreements with Microsoft. Whether or not they sign up automatically usually depends on the EA client`s growth plans and the strength of their IT organization. If the company has a well-defined acquisition plan – including known objectives that depend on the company`s IT organization for support and maintenance – automatic registration is often useful. Under these conditions, EA can eliminate the administrative burden associated with setting up a new registration for the acquired affiliate and offer a reduction in the cost of licensing the increase to a new volume price level. However, for many other organizations, it is often wiser not to opt for automatic registration of new affiliates, so that the necessary assessment of the acquired affiliate`s IT environment can be done before registration decisions progress. As with everything related to your IT agreements, always remember that you have a choice. Don`t hesitate to ask your Licensing Sales Professional if there`s anything you don`t want to understand or change. And if you want to see your registration documents in more detail, NPI can help. Microsoft does not explicitly define „within the company,“ „company“ is defined by the statement of affiliation in the company`s registration.