Blizzard New End User License Agreement

An end-user license agreement (EULA, /-ju-l/) is a legal contract between a software developer or provider and the user of the software, often acquired by the user through an intermediary such as a distributor. A Board defines in detail the rights and restrictions applicable to the use of the software. [1] Test or start versions of games allow you to play a limited version of the game before you have to get a game license from Blizzard. Licenses for the use of the full version of these games can be purchased on the platform. Use: If Blizzard does not grant you a valid license and an alphanumeric key for the use and activation of Supplemental Software, you cannot access derivative works, distribute them, copy them, view them, redevelop them, extract the source code from the additional software, modify them, unpack them, recompil them or create derivative works. In the event that Blizzard grants you a valid license and an alphanumeric key for the use and activation of The Supplemental Software, the use of the additional software is subject to the terms of this Agreement. fraudsters; in other words, methods that have not been specifically authorized by Blizzard, that influence and/or facilitate gameplay, including the use of errors in the game, giving them an advantage over other players who do not use these methods; To add your Blizzard account, go and follow the instructions provided on the site. Transactions for the addition of Blizzard credits or the cashing of Blizzard credit are subject to the terms of sale that can be viewed on It can take up to five (5) days for Blizzard credit purchases to be provided to your account for use. Some minimum values may apply to purchases if you add Blizzard credits to your account, and the maximum value of your Blizzard balance is limited, as is the maximum value of all transactions that use Blizzard credits per day. To check the maximum values applicable to your currency, go to Blizzard reserves the right to change the maximum and minimum amounts at any time. You have the right to terminate this contract at any time by sending Blizzard to

Some end-user licensing agreements accompany shrunken software, which is sometimes presented to a user on paper or, in general, electronically during the installation process. The user has the choice to accept or refuse the agreement. The installation of the software depends on the user clicking a button called „accept.“ See below. License restrictions. Blizzard may suspend or revoke your license for the use of the platform or individual parts, components and/or functions if you violate the license restrictions mentioned below or help others do so. You agree to do all or part of it or under no circumstances of anything: Real ID Feature and Identity Disclosure. The platform allows you to reveal your identity to other users of the platform via the „Real ID Friends“ feature. If you use Real ID and sign up for a request to be „Real ID Friends“ with another user, that user can see your real name and status online. Some features, z.B. the platform`s voice chat app, are only available between platform users who have opted for the Real ID feature.