Vehicle Purchase Agreement Texas

Keep a written report with the Seller`s name and address, sale date and vehicle information, including VIN. If a vehicle is not titled within 30 days of the date of sale, this may result in criminal penalties. If you buy your vehicle from a dealership, the dealer must file the title application on your behalf, so you won`t have to visit the tax office. Make sure the dealer provides you with a receipt indicating that the vehicle has been titled on your behalf. You must provide proof of civil liability when you call and register your vehicle. If you do not present proof of insurance, you can apply for „only the title.“ You can get a Texan sales bill for a vehicle on the official state DMV website or from your local tax agent/collector. In Texas, it is called the „vehicle transfer notification“ or the form VTR-346. The document requires all the following data: As a buyer, you must receive the title of the vehicle and have the seller`s mark, date and mileage meter read on the back. Let the seller sign your title application and enter into the sale price. After the sale, you go with the seller to your local tax office to file the necessary documents. Get a vehicle transit permit – you`ll need it if the previous owner keeps the license plates. Submit your application on your behalf within 30 days of the sale date. A donation fee of $10 applies to a person who receives the vehicle of a spouse, his parents or in-laws, his grandparents or grandchildren, his siblings, his guardians, the estate of the deceased or a public service 501 (c) (3).

Vehicles must be securitized on behalf of the purchaser within 30 days of the date of sale. If a vehicle is not properly transferred in the buyer`s name, this may lead to the seller being held responsible for tickets, toll violations or even crimes committed with the vehicle. To make sure this doesn`t happen to you, accompany the buyer to your tax office to make sure a vehicle title application is filed. A dealer is not required to name the dealer if you sell or exchange your vehicle at a licensed car dealership. The vehicle remains in your name until it is sold to a person, which can take months or, in some cases, years. To protect yourself, you submit a vehicle transfer notification. When a vehicle transfer notification is received, TxDMV updates the vehicle`s dataset to indicate that the vehicle is being sold.