Ticket Sales Agreement Sample

To avoid unfair ticket-buying practices, organizers/carriers may set limits on the number of tickets purchased per person. Share-There is not responsible for these limits, nor are we able to circumvent them in any way. Any attempt or effective circumvention of these restrictions by another user or customer leads to the cessation of any subsequent use of share-there services and the cancellation of purchased tickets. Share-There is not liable for losses or damages resulting from an actual attempt or circumvention of these limits. b) Share-There cannot offer refunds after buying a ticket. Organizers and transportation service providers receive the proceeds from ticket sales directly to their own PayPal account. a) You are responsible for all taxes or other state taxes related to your event/transportation service or ticket sales via the Service and you will keep the shares-there unscathed. It is your responsibility to know if the laws in force apply to you and to adjust the ticket price accordingly to take into account your payment of these taxes. If a transportation event or service is postponed to a later date, it is the responsibility of the organizer or carrier to update the offer and notify Share-There. In this case, the organizer/transportation operator is required to accept obsolete tickets for entry into the event or transport service. We provide ticketing software that deals with ticketing and entry for events and ferry services listed on this website. We are not responsible for the safety, production, experience or cancellation of ferry services or events on our system. If you are not satisfied with your experience with an event or ferry service in the Share There system, you must speak to a valid representative of the event or ferry service If you violate any of the above conditions, Share-There reserves the right to terminate your account, cancel ticket orders and take legal action.

Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, any party may at any time terminate the agreement with a period of seven (7) calendar days to the other party. If you terminate this contract after you have provided us with your event/transport services, the sale of eventation tickets or service transport will be cancelled in accordance with this Agreement. Share-There is not responsible for the content posted or displayed by our users, organizers, transport operators, customers or yourself on a page of the Share There site. This information does not represent the views or opinions of our company. Share-There cannot be held responsible for agreements, contracts, promises or communications between you and a third party. Share-There is not responsible for illegal or illegal documents – including defamatory or copyrighted documents – published on an event page by a user, customer, customer or buyer on our system. While a sales contract and sales invoice have similar purposes, a sales contract offers a more detailed payment schedule and guarantees for the item.