Residential Tenancy Agreement Residential Tenancies Act 1997 Section 26

3. A lessor must not charge a tenant for the review, review or acceptance of an assignment or sublease in accordance with this section. (2) A lessor or tenant seeking damages for damages or losses resulting from non-compliance with this Act, Regulation or Lease must do all that is reasonable to minimize injury or loss. (3) A landlord who is an individual may terminate a lease agreement in relation to a rental unit if the owner or a close family member of the lessor intends, in good faith, to occupy the rental unit. 74 (1) Subject to the internal regulations provided for in paragraph 3 of Section 9 [powers and obligations of the Director], the Director may conduct a hearing on the part of that department in according with the terms he deems appropriate. (e) prescribe a penalty for a breach of a regulation, subject to the restriction that the sentence cannot be greater than the penalty [offences and penalties] under Section 95; 1. When a limited lease of no more than five years is entered into in writing, it must be entered into in the standard form of a fixed-term lease of up to five years. 66 (1) The Director may extend a time limit set by this Act only in exceptional circumstances that are not provided for in section 59, paragraph 3 [opening of the proceedings] or at paragraph 81 (4) [decision on request for reconsideration]. 7. A notice in this section must be paragraph 52 [form and content of termination] and, in the case of a notice of contract referred to in paragraph 5, indicate the name and address of the buyer who asked the understoring agent to disclose. (1.1) A tenant within the meaning of subsection 1 may withhold the amount authorized by the previous month`s rent and, for the purposes of section 50, paragraph 2, that amount is considered to be paid to the lessor.

(i) the tenant of a rental unit transfers the tenant`s rights under the tenancy agreement for a period less than the duration of the tenant`s tenancy agreement and (2) A party requesting the issuance of a summons in accordance with subsection 1 must make available to the witness a driving allowance in accordance with the procedure applicable in accordance with Section 9 paragraph 3 [the director`s powers and obligations]. 104.1 (1) Effective on the effective date of this section, any arbitrator appointed pursuant to Section 86, as he read immediately prior to repeal, is deemed to have been complied with in accordance with Section 9, paragraph 2, for a period that expires on the date on which the Section 86 appointment would be completed. „common space,“ any part of the property whose use is shared by tenants or landlords and one or more tenants; (d) The lessor and tenant agreed in writing that the lease would be terminated. (i) a lessor`s inappropriate consent to a transfer or sublease; (a) the prohibition of pets or the limitation of the size, type or number of pets a tenant may keep on the dwelling; 2. If the Director orders a dispute settlement to pay any amount to the other, including an amount in paragraph 1, the amount can be deducted 54 (1) A tenant who has entered into a tenancy agreement with a lessor may apply for a ownership order from the tenancy unit by motion for dispute resolution. (2) A landlord`s right to require a surety or surety for property damage or both for damage to the dwelling is extinguished when the landlord means a written or oral, explicit or implied agreement between a landlord and a tenant respecting the ownership of a rental unit, the use of public spaces and services and facilities. , and includes a rental unit occupancy licence; (iii.1) the tenancy agreement is a temporary rent under the circumstances provided in paragraph 97, paragraph 2, point a.1), according to which the tenant must leave the rental unit at the end of the period; 92 The Frustration Contracts Act and the Doctrine of Contract Frustration apply to leases.