Rent Reduction Agreement Template

As a result of the current COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, many people are unemployed or in otherwise less stable jobs. As a result, many tenants are struggling to pay rent. A landlord can use this letter to reach an agreement with his tenants, to change the rent so that it is more manageable and realistic in the economic environment we face. The most important thing is that they explain the types of evidence you want to compile to support your rent reduction application. If you can`t pay your rent because of the coronavirus outbreak, you should email us or email your landlord. Legally, you are still liable for rent, but your landlord may be willing to compromise. If you need additional help, if you contact your landlord via a rent reduction, you can contact Victoria Consumer Affairs or receive support from services like this: Hello if I have a tenant in N.J. It can`t pay more rent for covid 19, when it gets to the point where I`m going to distribute them, how long will it take? Can I pay off the unpaid rent? Tenants in need should not accept rent deferrals. Assuming their monthly rent is $1,800, you can offer to defer the rent for the next two months. They will then have to pay you the rent of US$3600 for the remaining 7 months. In this case, this equates to an additional $514.29 ($1,800 USD x 2 – $3,600 USD ÷ 7). They should also ensure that the same logic and directive are applied to the circumstances of all. Otherwise, you may be charged with discrimination.

However, if one tenant can waive rent or waive late fees, another may be misinterpreted as a form of discrimination if the tenant is a member of a protected class. Always apply the same logic in all cases. The process of the rent reduction agreement is fair and accessible, but tenants and landlords can still choose to get help to reach an agreement. For information and advice, contact services such as one: I want to be clear first. The granting of temporary or permanent rent relief to a tenant should be considered on a case-by-case basis. Not accepting late rent should be the exception to a strict zero tolerance policy. This should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances, such as the one we are currently in. It can be a good financial decision to reduce rent when compared to the potential cost of their evacuation ($3,500) and the cost of turnover ($2,500).