Redlands College Enterprise Agreement

A year and a half after the end of their last contract, Redlands Unified teachers and ranked employees have a new deal with retroactive increases of 3% for the last years and current school years. In addition to increases, the new classifier contract offers an average annual increase of 1.25% in salaries; a 3% increase in legal benefits, including retirement; and a 1.17% increase in medical, dental and other services. The annual cost of increasing salaries and benefits for classified persons – including office workers, teaching assistants, bus drivers and more – is $1,308,553, according to a summary of the agreement. According to a public disclosure of the agreement, the district`s general reserves of funds for fiscal year 2018 after the implementation of the contracts would amount to $21,613,483. The School District Foundation Board approved collective agreements with the Redlands Teachers Association and the Redlands Education Support Professionals Association on Tuesday, November 12. The move comes after months of red-shirted rallies, protests and what the district called a „work slowdown,“ but what unions said limited members to doing only the work they needed in their contracts. To apply for a vacancy, please email Shuen Lim, HR Officer in with the following: The new agreements are valid from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2022, although some negotiations will resume in the spring to change the school years that will begin in 2020 and 2021. All collaborators must be practicing Christians capable of actively expressing the Christian faith of the College. Applicants must provide an up-to-date note from a church leader or arbitrator. As an employee of the Redland City Council, you are a public servant and you will probably be able to act on a high level of behaviour described in our code of conduct. This means acting with honesty, integrity and diligence and being diligent in carrying out your duties. We also expect you to live and breathe our values. .

You can find information about our current job offers in vacancy notices. Candidates must be a Christian and an active member of their Church.