Form Of Registration Rights Agreement

2.2.1 Piggyback rights. When, at any time or after the day the company excludes a business combination, the company files a registration statement under the Securities Act with respect to an offer of shares or securities or other obligations by the company on its own behalf or on its behalf (or by the company and by the shareholders of the company) , including the company`s shareholders, including the company`s shareholders, including the company`s shareholders, without restriction, pursuant to Section 2.1), with the exception of a registration statement (i) filed as part of a staff share option or other performance plan, (ii) for an exchange offer or offer of securities exclusively to existing shareholders of the Company , (iii) for an offer of debt converted into shares of the Company, or (iv) for a dividend investment plan, the Company (x) must notify in writing to the holders of registration securities as soon as possible, but under no circumstances less than ten (10) days before the scheduled filing date, such a proposed bid describes the amount and nature of the securities to be included in this offer , the proposed distribution method and the name of the proposed insurer-manager or insurer. , if applicable, the offer and (y) allow holders of registerable securities to register, in such a notice, the sale of such a number of registerable securities shares, as these holders may request in writing within five (5) days of receiving such a notification („Piggy-Back Registration“). The entity ensures that these filing securities are included in such a registration and does everything in its power to allow managing insurers or insurers of a proposed signed offer to include portfolio securities in a Piggy back registration on the same terms as comparable securities of the Company and to allow the sale or sale of those securities registered in accordance with the intended distribution method. All holders of reporting securities who offer to market their titles through a piggy-back recording involving an underwriter or an underwriter will enter into a customary stretching agreement with the underwriter or underwriter chosen for such a piggy-back recording. Cutting Back the Piggies. As noted above, savings rights allow an investor to include his securities in a registration statement for the offer and sale of securities initiated by the company or by any other investor. As a general rule, only larger licensees obtain registration rights for the application, while piggybacking rights are granted to a larger group. However, market demand may not be sufficient to absorb all the shares to be offered and sold.