Equity Trader Framework Agreement

Yes, I do. BF, the rights of the form of its clients may be directly in form, such as capital bonuses, benefit recoveries and payments, new or free share registration rights and even voting rights if they are designated or authorized by other means in their framework contract. When the company is admitted, its legal framework is defined in its statutes and statutes. If not, you will find it in the „rules“ or in any document to regulate its constitution. There may also be agreements, such as contracts. B service, which deal with transactions between the institution and its members. The minimum requirements of such an agreement are regulated by the Turkish Capital Markets Board (CMP). By implementing the framework agreement, the adjudicator and the institution lay the groundwork for the final procedure. The framework agreements have a continuous sequential number and must be at least two copies, one of which must be made available to the client. Although there is contractual freedom of rates, framework agreements must not contain clauses that do not comply with CMP regulations. In addition, provisions that can significantly implement the client`s rights to the brokerage firm are deemed to be void. Intermediaries (brokerage firms) (the „BF“) who are involved in stock exchange transactions are legally required to enter into an agreement with their clients before carrying out the purchase and sale intermediation, portfolio management, investment advice, re-ed and repurchase measures, intermediation for the purchase and sale of derivatives, securities , short selling and market transactions.

BF`s legal responsibilities depend on the nature of the agreement with its customers. BF`s stock market activity on behalf of and because of its clients is therefore a reference as a commission-type business relationship. This article takes into account the framework agreements between individuals and brokers for stock exchange transactions. On the other hand, the purpose of this article is to give investors a short directive. As a result of the implementation of framework agreements, BF was able to accept its clients` orders for capital market transactions. Orders take effect when they are made by brokerage firms subject to CMP regulations. An example of CMB regulations is that no institution other than Takasbank allows the retention of physical title certificates in Turkey.p> In principle, public commercial transactions should be concluded by intermediary institutions (brokerage Firms). Whether brokerage Firms acts as an intermediary in transactions or not, the settlement of securities transactions must be made by brokerage firms that hold securities accounts of the parties to the transaction. Terms of service delivery by certain brokerage firms (including payments and commissions) are included in the rules on the provision of services and ongoing investment accounts, which are part of a client`s agreement with the declared brokerage firms.

This type of agreement is called a „framework agreement.“