Cooper Agreement Greece

In Bulgaria, Deputy Secretary Cooper will discuss high-ranking civilian and military officials on security cooperation and defence trade in Sofia from 20 to 22 October. Military modernization is a priority for Bulgaria, as evidenced by the historic acquisitions of eight F-16s in 2019. The United States is supporting Bulgaria`s modernization efforts with more than $100 million in foreign military funding and imet investments since 2018, which are helping to improve Bulgaria`s efficiency and interoperability with U.S. forces and other NATO allies. Assistant Secretary Cooper will also oversee the joint air policing mission from Count Ignatievo`s airbase. „Excellent communication and collaboration with Maria Moisidou, who is a specialist in her field, very friendly and effective.“ In Cyprus, from 18 to 19 October, Assistant Secretary Cooper will meet with senior government officials in Nicosia to discuss security cooperation and defence trade, including international military plans, training and training (IMET) for the Republic of Cyprus` military, as well as new rules allowing expanded access to uninjured defence goods and services from the United States, which will be monitored under international trade regulations. In Greece, Deputy Secretary Cooper will hold consultations with senior civilian and military officials in Athens from 14-18 October on efforts to promote peace and stability in the eastern Mediterranean in the Balkans. Assistant Secretary Cooper will then visit the Marine Support Activity Souda Bay, one of the main sites of U.S.-Greece defence cooperation, where our expanded Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) encourages our ever-increasing cooperation with Greece and our NATO allies. The „excellent“ lawyers of the law firm Timagenis „are very well connected within the Greek maritime industry and the judicial system.“ The team`s main strengths are debt navigation and jurisdictional issues, as it often deals with issues such as claims on banks and other creditors, procedures for executing arbitration judgments and awards, the arrest of ships and the application of the security package on ship credit contracts. Gregory Timagenis is „always a pioneer of maritime conflicts“ and leads the practice alongside the „methodical, competent and consistent“ Yiannis Timagenis. „Extraordinarily competent, open-minded, very cooperative with third parties, exceptionally effective.“ Hill Dickinson LLP is home to a „strong knowledge of the maritime market“ and offers the full range of arbitrations, mediation, litigation and litigation advice. Clients include national and international P-I clubs, shipowners, insurers, charterers, large corporations, banks, private equity firms, financial institutions and commodity traders, who rely on the team to advise both English and Greek law. Division Head Patrick Hawkins is „one of the best-known lawyers in the marine industry.“ Recently, he represented Machrimar Shipmanagement/American Defence Club before the Supreme Court in a high-profile insurance application for their ship, the RENOS, which needed rescue assistance after engine compartment damage.