Collective Labour Agreement In Deutsch

Our collective agreement transparently defines our future-oriented working conditions and lays the foundations for a genuine social partnership. It protects the enforcement of acts, regulations, collective agreements, employment contracts and administrative instructions for persons with disabilities. In constructive discussions with the staff committee, the company was able to obtain a collective agreement with higher results than comparable companies. The range of benefits includes advice on laws and regulations, as well as legal advice, independent collective bargaining, lobbying of policy makers and contractors, to professional advice and project management. The restructuring measures already contain provisions of the collective part-time labour agreement for the elderly, recently signed for the metallurgical industry. MEM companies and their employees essentially agree that the provisions of the current collective agreement are sound and current. In concrete terms, it was agreed to increase salaries by 2.9%, with a guaranteed minimum increase of 80 euros per month. Organization of the labour market and general employment contracts structure of the collective agreement, covered workers, collective agreements and members of trade unions. Vienna, 10 December 2002 – Telekom Austria today concluded negotiations on the collective agreement with workers` representation. The OTE and the unions have agreed on the framework of a three-year collective agreement. All permanent employees receive collective agreements, are regularly renegotiated and receive generous contributions to their pension funds. Labour law (application of the collective agreement, assistance in negotiations or disputes with workers and workers` representatives, standard contracts and checklists) Detailed information on the social partnership system and collective labour agreements is available on