Annotated Model Grant Agreement

An updated version of the updated model grant agreement for projects funded under the Horizon 2020 framework programme has just been published. The amendments include clarifications, corrections and new rules for beneficiaries, which can be applied retroactively to grants signed by the previous version. Reference documents are available on the participants` portal under the website. Direct link to the General AMGA – Multi Beneficiary: The European Commission has just added new notes on 26 June in version 5.2 of the AGM H2020. Link to the financing and tender portal – Reference documents: – note that you may need to update your internet browser to access the new document. >>> sign up here for our next H2020 courses! <<< – MSCA: IF Article 6.2.B, Article 6.2.B and 32, RISE Article 6.2.A – ERA-NET Cofund: Preamble and Articles 5, 8, 15 – EJP Cofund: Article 3, 6.2.F Version 5.2 (26.06.2019) of the Annotated Model Grant Agreement is now available on the Financing and Tender Portal. This version contains new explanatory notes and examples, in particular: An overview of the main changes is available retroactively here.